what makes moringa a unique super food?

Moringa is the only plant on earth that contains ALL macro and micro nutrients - vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and dietary fibers in an extra-ordinary high quantity. Moringa has 27.1g protein (particularly BCAAs) with  9 essential amino acids which makes it a complete source of  protein. Therefore, Moringa is a natural dietary supplements that increases the absorption of all nutrients by the body.  Due to over 40 antioxidants Moringa is a very potent free radical fighter. Moringa also improves mental clarity and focus, is a natural energy booster, and increases  your life  expectancy.  For innumerable  health  properties of  this  miraculous  plant  please klick on this   ABOUT MORINGA

what makes the distinguished quality of our moringa from cambodia

soil & climate

The  optimal  conditions  for  growing  Moringa,  which  are  given in  Northern Tonle Sap Lake region of Cambodia perfectly, are as follow:

  • Neutral to slightly acidic (pH 6.3-7.0), well drained, sandy soil
  • Tropics & Sub-tropics
  • In direct sufficient sunlight
  • Under 500 meters altitude
  • Temperatures ranges are 25-35 degrees Celsius

production process

The harvest batches undergo a  microbiological test before   going to production.  After the test  results are conform with our   requirements,  leaves are released to the next production round.   They are

destroyed, If they do not meet our criteria. The leaves are washed by the organic law approved chlorine disinfection process. After pre-drying the leaves, then dried by a temperature of 55 Celsius with a moisture of 7%  to retain the maximum nutritional value and shelf life.  Of course,  the entire process takes place under very hygienic conditions in which the employees work according to custom hygienic clothing and  hygiene requirements in  conformity with HACCP. As for traceability, we measure from every batch the moisture and from all packaging we have a product specification conform the international food law. The Fair Trade as well as BRC Global Standard Certifications are obtained soon.


No vegetable oil,  No milk ingredients,  No GMO, fillers, gluten,  No thickener, stabilizer,  No colors or flavors additives,  No Sugar or artificial sweeteners,  No soy protein or soy derivative.



I Feel Spectacular.


100% Pure Moringa  L E A V E S  Powder  for 

  • Health conscious people
  • Gym goers, athletes
  • Post pregnancy moms
  • Vegetarians, vegans
  • Managers in hurry

For detailed information and  R E C I P E S  please klick on this   -->   MORINGA  POWDER 


Net 300g,  US$17.00






moringa tablets


Health & Prosperity Come To Me Easily.


Moringa Tablets is an Organic Plant Based Dietary Supplement for people who are busy but conscious about their health and well-being - Managers in Hurry & Young Adults. For detailed information  please klick on this . -->  MORINGA TABLETS


Ingredients: 100% Organic Moringa Leaves. 

60g,  150 Tablets,  US$7.50







Moringa seed Oil


I Am Beautiful.


You can use Moringa Seeds Oil for Skin Care & Beauty. It also has multiple Internal Health Characteristics. For detailed information please click on this  -->  MORINGA SEEDS OIL


Contains 100%  Pure Organic Cold Pressed Moringa Seeds Oil. No artificial fragrance. 100% vegan.  


30 ml,  US$11.00





moringa LEAves


I Relax My Mind & Body with A Cup Of Moringa Lemongrass Tea.


Caffeine Free Moringa  Leaves, Lemongrass Flavored. A Powerhouse of Healing Nutrients and Great Home Remedy.  For detailed information click on -->  MORINGA TEA


70g, brews 23 cups,  US$7.00






moringa Soap


 Oh, I Feel So Pure.


If you want to feel the essence and simplicity of the nature, then use this humble looking soap. The ingredients are Moringa Oil, Coconut Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil and Purified Water. No chemical, No fragrance, No parabens. For detailed information about this soap please klick on this -->  MORINGA SOPA


Net 80g,  US$5.50





I am the best version of myself